Morten Rasch

Morten Rasch

“The expedition will provide a unique opportunity for Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring to commence gradient studies of climate change effects and feedbacks in Greenland to supple- ment the very detailed studies of the same at Zackenberg and Nuuk, and thereby allow us to better predict consequences of climate change to Greenland ecosystems and society.”

Titel Ph.D. in Physical Geography Deltager i Anden Periode | Projekt på ekspeditionen Permafrosten tør | Samarbejder med Bo Elberling, | Foto af Henrik Philipsen

Curriculum Vitae


Current employment
Leader of section, National Environmental Research Institute, Aarhus University

Current fields of work
Scientific leader, Zackenberg Research Station Scientific leader of Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring Scientific leader, Nuuk Ecological Research Operations Scientific leader, Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations Executive secretary, Forum of Arctic Research Operators

Fields of research
Inter-disciplinary ecosystem research, Climate change effects and feedbacks in high arctic ecosystems, Quaternary geology, Coastal geomorphology

Current projects
2011 Coordinator, Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring. Funded by the Danish Energy Agency and the Environmental Protection Agency. Annual budget: 15.6 mio. kr.
2010-13 Task leader and participant, Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS)(EU 7th Framework Programme, ESFRI project). Total budget: 4.0 mio. EURO.
2011-14 Leader of Station Manager Forum and leader of two workpackages, INTERACT (EU 7th Framework Programme). Total budget: 7.6 mio. EURO.

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2002 Diploma in Engineering Business Administration at Engineering College of Copenhagen.
1996 Ph.D. in Physical Geography
1991 Master of Science in Physical Geography

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Peer reviewed international papers (25)
Danish papers (45)
Books and scientific reports (37)