Minik Rosing

Geologiske undersøgelser i Nordøstgrønland.

Titel Professor, Geolog | Født 1957, Godthåb
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Curriculum Vitae


Professor, Geologisk Museum

Professional Experience
Jan.-July 1982: Visiting Fellow, Harvard University;
July 1984-Dec.1988: Research stipend, Geological Museum, Copenhagen;
Sept. 1984-Sept. 1985: Visiting Scholar, Stanford Univer- sity;
Jan. 1989-Oct. 1989: Editor, Danmarks Radio;
Oct.-Dec. 1989: Research stipend, Geo- logical Museum;
March-May 1990: Editor, Danmarks Radio;
June-Dec. 1990: Research associate, Danish Polar Center;
May 1991-May 1995: Assistant professor, Geological Museum;
May 1995-March 2000: Associate professor, Geological Museum;
Feb. 1999-February 2007 : Head of Department, Geological Museum;
April 2000-present : Professor, Geological Museum.
September 2006- June 2007: Allan C. Cox visiting Professor, Stanford University.

Field Experience
Principal investigator, 22 field projects in Greenland.
Organizer: East Greenland Tertiary geology, Copenhagen 1987;
Organizer: Understanding the early Earth: How do we proceed? Brorfelde 1998;
Organizer: Understanding the early Earth II. Røsnæs 2000.
Organizer: NASA Astrobiology workshop. Nuuk 2004. European Science Foundation Field Workshop Nuuk, 2010.

Professional activities
Vice chairman, Board of directors, Danish Arctic Institute;
Member of the Danish National Committee for lithosphere research;
Member of the Advisory Board, The Royal Danish Geographical Society;
Member of the presidium, Experimentarium.
Member of the board, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland.
Chairman, The Commission for Scientific Research in Greenland.
Member of The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.
Chairman of the board, Harboe Climate Fund,
Board of directors, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.


1984, M.Sc. in Geology, Copenhagen University;
1989, Ph.D. in Geology, Copenhagen University.

Research areas The formation and stabilization of the continents on Earth; The emergence and early evolution of life on Earth, and the influence of biologic activity on Earth’s geochemical development; Isotope geochemistry of early Solar System materials.


The ”Ebbe Munck Award” by her Majesty the Queen of Denmark (2001),
Nersornaat - The Greenland Medal of Honour by the Greenland Homerule Parliament (2002).
The Prize for best Teaching Materials, Ministry of Education (2003).
The prize for public outreach, Faculty of Science, Copenhagen University (2004).
The Rink Medal by his Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Denmark (2005).
The Geology Prize by the Geological Society of Denmark (2008).
The Amalienborg Prize, by Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark (2009).
Knight of Dannebrog, by her Majesty the Queen of Denmark (2010).