Katrine Worsaae

Katrine Worsaae

With a love for the Greenlandic nature and several years of research at West Greenland, I now look forward to experiencing the unspoiled nature and exploring the still completely unknown microscopic fauna of North East Greenland waters.

Titel Zoolog | Født 1972
Deltager i Tredje Periode | Projekt på ekspeditionen Meiofauna i fjordsystemet | Website

Curriculum Vitae


Current international scientific network & projects
Principal Investigator on the international meio-fauna project “Adaptations to a life among sand grains” (Carlsberg Foundation, 2011-2012).
Co-investigator in international networks: 1) Latin America meiofauna phylogeography and systematics (LAMPS, PI, J. Norenburg, Smithsonian, NY). 2) AToL - Assembling tree of life (PI, G. Giribet, Harvard, Washington DC). 3) Invertebrate symbioses of the Santa Barbara Basin (main PI, G. Rouse, SCRIPPS, CA).

Research Interests
Evolution, development, morphology, adaptations and activity of marine macro- and meiofaunal invertebrates (with focus on meiofauna and Annelida). Employing advanced bioimaging techniques such as microscopic time-lapse photography and video-recordings in LM as well as SEM, TEM, histology, immunohistochemistry, multi-staining protocols, CLSM and 3D computational modeling.

Professional / Work Experience
2011—Associate Professor (Marine Zoology), Marine Biological Section, Dept Biology (BIO), UC
2010 Guest Teacher, Smithsonian Research Institution, Bocas, Panama.
2009-2010 Associate Research Professor Marine Biology Section, Dept. of Biology (BIO), UC (Freja fellowship, Faculty of Science, UC).
2007-2009 Associate Research Professor, Marine Biology Section, BIO, UC (Steno- fellowship and ‘Young elite research- er award’, National Research Foundation, DK). Research Project: The role of neoteny in evolution.
2006-2007 Monthly Columnist, the Sunday Science section, Politiken (Dan- ish major newspaper).
2006-2007 Guest Teacher, Kristineberg Marine Research Station, Univ. of Gothenburg, Sweden.
2005-2006 Post doc Fellowship, Natural History Museum (SNM), UC, DK (2x0.5 year) and South Australian Museum & Univ. of Adelaide, SA (1 year).Carlsberg Foundation, DK.Research project: Evolution of interstitial polychaetes.
2000 Guest Teacher, University of Aarhus, DK.
1998-1999 Assistant, International Council of the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), Copenhagen.
1997-1998 Lab. assistant (invertebrate ID) at the National Environmental Research Institute, DK.
1997-1998 Field assistant (deep sea survey), Greenland Institute for Natural Resources (GINR).
1993-1997 Teacher (visitors, public school and high school classes). Natural History Mu- seum, UC.


2008-2009 Higher education didactic program (250 hours, AdjunktPædagogikum).
2001-2004 Ph.D. (Zoology), National History Museum, University of Copenhagen (UC), Denmark.
1998-2000 Cand. Scient. [M.Sc.] (Zoology), National History Museum, UC.


Larger grants, Awards and Prizes, 2005 to present
2011 Research project (PI, Carlsberg Foundation; 300.000 Dkr).
2011 Research stay at Roscoff Marine Research Station (EU Assemble grant, 50.000 Dkr)
2010 Meiofauna Workshop at Arctic Station 2010 (Carlsberg Foundation; co-PI, 150.000 Dkr).
2009 Freja fellowship (University of Copenhagen; ca. 2.6 mill Dkr incl.1 Ph.D.-scholarship).
2008 The Reinhard Rieger Award of Zoology, Germany/USA. (Journal of Morphology, Springer; Zoomorphology Wiley; & University of Innsbruck; 3.000 USD).
2007 Steno-fellowship, National Research Foundation, Denmark (FNU; 2.55 mill. Dkr).
2007 Young Elite Researcher’s Award, NRF, Denmark (FNU; 240.000 Dkr).
2006 Leica TCS SP2 CLSM, NRF, Denmark (FNU, co-PI - total 1.500.000 Dkr).
2005 Two year fellowship + travel grant (Carlsberg Foundation; 970.000 Dkr).