David Alexander Taylor Harper

David Alexander Taylor Harper

“Currently working in the Lower Cambrian explosion and investigation/collections from the lower Palaeozoic sections in the region will greatly im- prove the research.”

Titel Professor of Palaeontology | Født Edinburgh
Deltager i Tredje Periode | Projekt på ekspeditionen Skiftet fra encellede til flercellede organismer | Samarbejder med Svend Stouge,

Curriculum Vitae


University of Copenhagen, Denmark (May 1998 –)
Professor of Palaeontology (May 1998 –)
Deputy Director, Geological Museum (Feb 2002 – Dec 2003)
Deputy Head, Geology (Natural History Museum of Denmark) (January 2004–August 2006)
Acting Head, Geology (Natural History Museum of Denmark) (September 2006– May 2007)
Head, Geology (Natural History Museum of Denmark) (June 2007–)

University College, Galway, Ireland Lecturer – Reader (Sept 1984 – April 1998)
University of Dundee, Scotland Postdoctoral fellow (1981–1984)
University of Oslo, Norway Postdoctoral fellow (1980)

Recent external positions of responsibility
Editor, for the Palaeontological Association’s journal, Palaeontology (1996–2002).
Assoc. Editor, Geological Journal (1998–), Swiss Journal of Geosciences (2004–), Palaeoworld (2005–), Paleontological Contributions (2008–).
Advisory editor, Journal of the Geologi- cal Society, London (2009-).
Editor, Lethaia (2003–). • Vice President Irish Geological Association (1996–1998).
Vice President Palaeontological Association (2002–4), Chair of Publications Board (2004–8).
Co-leader IGCP (UNESCO) project 503 (2004–2009).


Einstein Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2008
Doctor of Science (D.Sc.), Queens’ University of Belfast, Winter 2005
European Geologist (EurGeol), September 2004
Foreign Member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, April 2004
Chartered Geologist (C Geol), April 1992
Fellow of Geological Society (FGS), April 1976
Ph.D. Entitled ‘ The brachiopod faunas of the Upper Ardmillan succession (Upper Ordovician) of the Girvan district, SW Scotland’. Queen’s University, Belfast, Winter 1979.
A.R.S.M. Second Class Honours (Upper Division), Summer 1975.
B.Sc. Second Class Honours (Upper Division), Imperial College, London, Summer 1975.


Member of IGCP (UNESCO) scientific panel (2007–).
Voting member of the International Ordovician Subcommission (2004–) and International Commission for Stratigraphy (2008–).
President, International Palaeontological Association (2006–2010).
Chairman, International Subcommission on Ordovician Stratigraphy (2008–).
Member of Earth Sci- ences panel, Swedish Research Council (2005–2009).
External examiner (BSc), University College Cork (2007–), University of Leicester (2008–) and National University of Ireland, Galway (2010-).
Member of evaluation panel of Earth Science Research Centres in Portugal (2008–2009).