Bo Elberling

“Activ will provide a unique possibility to provide a snapshot of the current status of permafrost and potential greenhouse gas production along a critical and climate sensitive gradient from the Inland Ice Sheet to the coast of Northeast Greenland.”

Titel Professor, Dr. Scient, Ph.d. i Bio-geokemi Deltager i Anden Periode | Projekt på ekspeditionen Permafrosten tør | Samarbejder med Morten Rasch,

Curriculum Vitae


Since 2007 Professor II (20%), The University Centre in Svalbard, UNIS, Norway
Since 2005 Full professorship in Environmental Geochemistry at Department of Geography, UC
2002-2005 Associated professor, Department of Geography, UC

Supervision & Teaching
Supervising four MSc-students and three PhD-students at Department of Geography and Geology, University of Copenhagen. Completed > 30 MSc-students and 5 PhD-students since 2000. Teaching Advanced course in soil sciences soil chemistry and pollution.

On-going external funded Arctic projects
PERMAGAS: impact on permafrost, gashy- drates andperiglacial processes following climate changes in Greenland (2010-2012: funded by GeoCenter – Denmark); Climate changes and kitchen-midden: when permafrost thaw (2009-2011: funded by Augustinus Fonden); “and Permafrost observatory in the Nordic Arctic: sensitivity and feedback mechanisms of permafrost changes (2009-2011: funded by Norden)

Research activities
Biogeochemistry, soil sciences and environmental impact and model- ling: Research has been focused on the controls and environmental impacts resulting from oxidation processes in soils, including sulphide oxidation and chemical fluxes in frozen soils, heavy metal release and mobilization and decomposition of organic matter in natural and managed ecosystems. Research is based on field measurements, laboratory experiments and modelling


2005: Dr. Scient., environmental biogeochemistry (University of Copenhagen, UC, Denmark)


Member of National Research Foundation evaluation board (Norway)
Member of Norges Videnskabsakademi for Polarforskning
Head of Research group: Terrestrial Ecosystem Analysis
Member of the board for the research station Arctic Station in West Greenland
Member of Zackenberg Basic Group for Zackenberg Res. Station, Greenland 2004
Scientific head of the Physical-chemical laboratory at IGG 2004
Member and chair of PhD. committees.

Udvalgte produktioner og publikationer

In total: peer reviewed international papers (97), Danish papers (35) & Theses, chapters in books and scientific reports (17). As an example: Elberling, B., Christiansen, H.H. & Hansen, B.U. (2010). High nitrous oxide production from thawing permafrost. Nature Geoscience 3, 332-335.