Hervé Tanquerelle

Hervé Tanquerelle


Titel Tegneseriekunstner | Født 1972, Frankrig
Deltager i Første Periode | Samarbejder med Jørn Riel,

Curriculum Vitae


Hervé has in 2010 drawn two comics based on two novels by Jørn Riel.


Fascinated by comics his entire life, Hervé Tanquerelle studied at the School Émile Cohl in Lyon. There, he learned the finer points of the comics profession from Yves Got, whose work has had a big influence on Tanquerelle’s style.


His first claim to fame was ‘La Ballade du Petit Pendu’, that appeared at L’Association.

During his collaboration on the Comix 2000 anthology, he met colorist Hubert Boulard. Boulard asked him to illustrate his script of ‘Le Legs de l’Alchimiste’ and Tanquerelle accepted.

He then teamed up with Joann Sfar to illustrate the ‘Professeur Bell’ series, of which the first album appeared at Delcourt in June 2002.

He subsequently developed the children’s series ‘Tête Noire’ on his own.