Adam Philp

Adam Philp

“Looking in the direction indicated, my eyes were attracted by the gleaming of a pale, silvery spire which appeared to push itself upwards and outwards through the vapours that surrounded it. Then we knew that ice instead of land was the cause of our alarm, and all hands were immediately on deck to look at it. Regardless of what others thought or said, the scene possessed such an interest and charm for me that I desired to enjoy it alone. While gazing at its peak, and anxiously wishing for a more perfect view, the sun shone out clearly, dispelling the fog-wreaths which hung around the berg, and investing the whole mass with a grandeur and beauty that filled my mind with impressions not soon to be dispelled.”
- William Bradford, The Arctic Regions (1873)

Titel Filmfotograf | Født 1970
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Curriculum Vitae


Siden 2003 gæstelærer på filmfotograflinjen og dokumentarfilm-afdelingen, Den Danske Filmskole


1997-2001 Uddannet filmfotograf, Den Danske Filmskole

Udvalgte produktioner og publikationer

Arbejdserfaring som fotograf
2010 ”Elsker/Elsker ikke”, TV dokumentarserie. Inst. Mikala Krogh. Prod. Radiator & DR ”Susannes Gods”, TV dokumentarserie. Inst. Katrine Philp. Prod. Barok Film & DR2
2009 “Armadillo”, Dokumentarfilm. 2. Fotograf. Inst. Janus Metz. Prod. Fridjof Film “Thea & Leoparden”. TV-serie. Inst. Lisa Archan. Prod. DR fiktion “Det Erotiske Menneske”. Spillefilm. Inst. Jørgen Leth. Prod. Zentropa Productions “Love Addiction”. Dokumentarfilm. Inst. Pernille Rose Grønkjær. Prod.: Danish Documen- taries
2007 “Maj & Charlie” pilot & episode 1, 5, 7, 8, 9. TV-serie. Inst. Mikkel Serup. Prod. SocialClub “Comeback”, Spillefilm. Inst. Ulrik Wivel. Produktion: Nordisk Film Production A/S “Alt er Relativt”, Dokumentarfilm. Inst. Mikala Krogh. Produktion: Tju-Bang Film
2006 “Ungarn ́56”, Dokumentarfilm. Inst. Christoffer Emil Bruun. Prod. DR Dokumentar “Out”, Kortfilm. Inst. Daniel Dencik. Produktion: Blenkov & Schønnemann “Diplomacy”, Dokumentarfilm. Inst. Boris Bertram & Rasmus Dinesen Prod. EasyFilm
2005 “Kold Krig”, TV dokumentarserie. Inst. Christoffer Emil Bruun. Prod. DR Dokumentar “Den Rette Ånd”, Spillefilm. Inst. Martin Strange-Hansen. Prod. M&M Productions
2003 “Danish DJ`s”, TV dokumentarserie. Inst. Boris Bertram. Prod. Raket Film 2002 “Menneskenes Land – Min film om Grønland”, Dokumentarfilm. Inst.Anne Regitze
Wivel Produktion: Barok Film