Richard Alexander Lewtas Gregson

Richard Alexander Lewtas Gregson

My main reason for taking part is for the adventure and the challenge.  We are taking a fine old sailing ship to one of the most remote, unspoilt and uncharted areas of the world to see sights and sounds that very few people have experienced, with no certain idea of the outcome, with only our own skills to help us meet the challenges thrown at us.

Titel Navigatør | Født 1983, England
Deltager i hele perioden

Curriculum Vitae


Sailing Qualifications
RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Commercially Endorsed, RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory, Long Range Radio Certificate, Ships Captains Medical Certificate, RYA Yachtmaster Instructor

Employment Status
Self-employed since 2006. In this time I have worked in the following places: Partner in Wooden Ships Yacht Brokers, specialist brokers dealing with the sale of classic and traditional sail and power vessels.

Sailing instructor, working with Devon sailing in Dartmouth, Devon. Shipwright, working Number 7 Marine Craft. The work involves a lot of high quality paint and varnish projects, but also encompasses engine maintenance, service and repair, marine electrical installations and various wood working and joinery tasks. Survey vessel skipper, working for EMU Environmental Ltd. This is ongoing, and involves skippering an 11m survey catamaran on night operations doing engineering surveys of the seabed prior to the construction of a new offshore windfarm.

Relevant Experience and Skills
I was very fortunate to be brought up in a boating family living in a stunning part of the world in South West England, where sailing was part of life.  After growing up surrounded by traditional boats of all shapes and sizes, at the age of 18 I was lucky enough to get a berth on a fine vessel which would deliver a whole host of new experiences and challenges, and give me my first trans-Atlantic crossing.  This vessel was Activ.  During that voyage we sailed from the Canary Islands to Tobago via the Cape Verde’s, followed by 5 months cruising the Islands around Trinidad and the north coast of Venezuela.
After leaving the ship I went to university in Cardiff and gained a degree in Marine Geography, a subject that opened my eyes to whole new worlds within the marine environment.  The scientific part of this expedition is of as much interest to me as the sailing because of the subjects we studied at university.  During this time I had another period onboard Activ, shipping aboard as mate to bring her back home from Nova Scotia to Denmark.
During the years after university, I spent time gaining sailing qualifications and doing a number of different jobs, all revolving around boats.  I rebuilt a 10m classic offshore power boat, including new engines and electrics, and then worked alongside a superb shipwright in my home port doing all manner of boat repairs, engineering work and paint and varnish jobs.  I freelanced as an instructor for a sailing school, teaching practical and theory courses up to yachtmaster level.  During these years I also worked as a commercial skipper onboard several different survey vessels, conducting ecological and hydrographic surveys for the offshore aggregate and renewable energy industries.
In 2009 I skippered a 14m steel charter yacht from England to the Caribbean and back, taking in all the northern islands from Antigua to Cuba.  This was fantastic fun and also a superb experience to take charge of my own vessel on 2 trans-Atlantic voyages, learning to manage the vessel and, more importantly, the crew.