Nothing compares to you
My preparations were drinking specially imported icelandic shark-oilHildur Hardardóttir 27 juli

Nothing compares to you

My journey with Activ to Iceland started a few months before in Gothenburg, where I live during winter time. The picture of Activ under full sails in year 2008 in Skjálfandi bay, my home in north east Iceland, was hunting my mind.

Skrevet af Hildur Hardardóttir | 27 July 2011
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It was surreal to show friends my ride back home and at the same time a bit of a frightening thought because I knew from last encounters with the captain and crew that this was a high standard party to be joining.

My preparations were drinking specially imported icelandic shark-oil and fighting my scared of heights in the tivoli towers. Well, not much to do but grab the opportunity and do your best.

In my opinion Activ is a special vessel. Of course you can find bigger sailing boats, nicely rigged and beautiful as well, but in her case it’s so much more than just a pretty sight.

The whole purpose of the ship is what makes it so graceful, she´s alive and her powers are being used for a good cause. It’s not just a cruising historical museum object, but a living laboratory for science and culture.

I know that I speak on behalf of the whole North Sailing team and family when saying that having Activ in the harbour of Húsavík is a great honor for the town’s coastal culture and brings a magical look and not least does she and her crew bring inspiration and dreams to our minds.

When arriving to the harbour of Copenhagen in june, I was welcomed on board by the clear-cut captain Jonas. People often say “well just feel like home” but anyways one is never really comfortable with taking that too seriously.

On Activ it only took his words and one round to the local Eiffel Bar, and life on board felt like home. During days of equipment preparation and Jonas’s patient fighting with the bureaucracy I got an enjoyable opportunity to learn to know the city of Copenhagen, the boat and captain and his crew closer.

Lifting anchor and setting the trackline to north east Iceland felt really good, and I swear there wasn’t a dull moment on board the next coming seven days of sailing, even during cold and humid night shifts.

Thanks to yum yum, Bó, the captain’s little box of candy and decent weather, one was not close to losing a pound. Although we were unlucky with winds in our favour and spare time to sail, the sailing we did I enjoyed very much. Nothing compares to you.

Pretty much I have fallen in love with every crew member on Activ.
Well an adrupt encounter with the much so gentle jazzsinger-songwriter Cecilie sure brought a clang to it all.

Mille, even though I feel quite finished with her cooking, I feel far away from finished with getting to know her exiting personality.

Trine the claw, my personal rigging trainer, great catch for anyone who dares come close.

Bo my ginger strong ‘n’ long brother, it’s even worth eating meat to keep him pleased.

The little british guy (don’t know why c**t pops up in my mind, must be his own fault) Richard, half man, half superman. Great laugh (double meaning) and cute for sure.

Sören Svendsen, a bear that never stops surprising, that loyal charming bastard.

Simon, a talent that observes and sees things others don’t. Hot temper, quick thinking and a melting smile.

Jonas, aaaa well if he doesn’t manage to fight global warming (and I’m pretty sure he’ll come close), and I’ll be forced to build an Ark for surviving the end of the human race, judicious Jonas is the only captain I’d trust for being The Expedition’s Captain.

Takk fyrir mig, skál og sjáumst!

With love, Hildur